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 Welcome to the website for Peak Road Club.

Peak RC is a very small club based in Sheffield, right on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

Take a look around the site, but please don't expect to find anything useful.

If you really feel the need to make contact, try enquiries@peakroadclub.co.uk, but don't be sending junk or promtional mail, we will just mail unsolicited stuff back to the sender and clog up your inbox instead ;)

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OK, let's summarise 2011 then.
Belly is the Yorkshire Vets RR Champ, and a bronze medal winner in the LVRC Nationals, and has quietly spent the year hoovering up placings.

Steve is cross because he hasn't won anything, but has been up there most of the year, and to be fair has hardly exploded any wheels all year...however, and there is always a however, he marked the last race of the season, one he has won previously, with the following debacle:
Owens: Let's go for a warm up Steve.
Steve: I don't eed a warm up, I'm fine.
Owens: Well, let's make sure your bike works, you're bound to have changed something on it this week.
Steve: No, it's fine.
...Fast forward 30 minutes to the race starting and the peleton passing Gibson with his bike upside down on the side of the road wile he hunts in the grass for the bolt that should have been holding his jockey wheels in.

Tony gets the best crash award this year...again...this time at the Out Of The Saddle RR when he was brought down by someone in front of him clipping a motorbke.

Wells turns 40 and joins the rest of us in the vet ranks.

Mark enjoys looking good in his new kit.

Alan battles his way through another Owens touring holiday. 10 days, 1000 miles, 6 countries, 5 punctures and one crash.

And Owens actually wins something...Seacroft Wheelers RR and an age group at Darley Moor...woohoo!

On top of that, Chris put on another excellent Circuit of Longstone Edge. Rapidly becoming a local classic with quite a few riders describing it as their favourite course.

As a club we promoted our first Road Race. Small entry but a good promotion, graded as excellent by the commissaires in their report.

And now, just the joy of the November training weekend to endure. Bring survival kit this time.

Owens actually wins something, Seacroft Wheelers RR 2011
The image below is courtesy of Martin Henson at Cycling Images. Visit the site at www.cyclingimages.co.uk, sorry Andy!
Owens actually wins something

Gibson 2nd in Matlock Hilly 25 for the 46th time...how much longer can this go on?

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